Rita Christine       

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Rita Christine, is a model, an actress, director, producer, and special effects artist; along with being a full-time mother. She has been modeling on and off for about 10 years. She is a natural in front of the camera, with her beautiful smile and sometimes naughty looks. She accredits her supportive family to where she is today. 

As an actress, and a Model Rita's work can be seen on her Work page. Check it out for all the projects she has been apart of. Also Check out her Events page for upcoming appearances.

  Rita has many hobbies, but most of all loves to go camping and hiking. Rita is also known to her friends for her couponing abilities. She loves to shop and couponing has made that easier for her to do. 

A few random facts about Rita. Rita has a bit of OCD when it comes to cleaning. Some say she is a bit of a neat freak. Rita has been known to clean up an area that someone else just cleaned because she didn't like how they did it; and it doesn't matter if it's her house or not. Rita says she has one major vanity flaw. She says that she will not leave her house unless her hair is straightened. She doesn't like her natural curls and straightens her hair everyday. She will wear it in a ponytail, or even put curls in it for photos or events, but she doesn't like her natural hairstyle. She has a tendency to change her hair color or style on a whim. 

Rita holds many things close to her heart. Many people don't know that she is Wiccan; a mother of a rescued dog; volunteers time to Scares that Care Charity; donates food and goods to shelters; does the MS charity walk every year; participated in Mudderella.  Each of the charity events Rita has been a part of donates money to a cause; each one of those causes hit close to Rita. Either a family member or close friend were or are affected by what causes she is a part of. 

Rita has a few collections of items. One being horror movies, which is Rita's favorite genre of movie. Although she loves horror movies she has stated that she is a sucker for a romantic chick flick from time to time. Rita also has a collection of bumble bee items. She says "bumble bees are misunderstood insects, kinda like myself from time to time." Rita also has a collection  of Eeyore's. She said she has always loved him since she was a child and just started collecting certain items. Now out of the three collections Rita says the largest collection would be the movie collection. 

If you have the pleasure of meeting and talking to Rita take it. She is very friendly and compassionate. Rita is both an open book and reserved. She is a Scorpio, which explains why she only tells certain aspects of her life.